Full-Time Faculty

rktsaiRong-Kung   Tsai, M.D., Ph.D., Professor/Director
Education: Ph.D., Institute of Medicine, Kaohsiung   Medical University
Research Fields:1.neuroprotection 2.animal model   3.regenerative medicine 4.neuro-ophthalmology 5. translation medicine
E-mail: rktsai@mail.tcu.edu.tw
TEL: 886-3-856-1825 ext.12718, 12112
李茹萍2013Ru-Ping Lee,   Ph.D., Professor/Deputy Director
Education: Ph.D. Institute of Medical Sciences,   Tzu Chi University
Research Fields: 1.Critical Care Medicine and   Nursing, 2. Medical-Surgical Nursing 3. Animal Experimental Study, 4.   Quantitative Study
TEL:886-3-856-5301 ext.2018
ycliuIngrid Y Liu,   Ph.D., Professor
Education: Ph.D., University of Southern California,   California, USA
Research Fields: 1.We use mouse models to research   molecular mechanisms underlying memory processing and formation. 2.We use cytogenetic, molecular biological and genomic   approaches to research patients with inherited or spontaneous brain disorders and screen for genes associated with these diseases.
E-mail: ycliu@gms.tcu.edu.tw
TEL:886-3-856-5301 ext.2678/2677
張中興Chung-Hsing Chang, M.D., Ph.D., ProfessorEducation: Ph.D., Institute of Medicine, Kaohsiung   Medical University
Research Fields: 1.Clinical   dermatology, 2.Skin physiology, 3.Cutaneous immunology, 4.Developmental   biology, 5.Carcinogenesis
E-mail: chchang@mail.tcu.edu.tw
TEL: 886-3-856-5301   ext. 12810
tchsiehTsung-Cheng   Hsieh, Ph.D., Professor
Education: Ph.D., Department of Agronomy, National Taiwan University
Research Fields: 1.Clinical trial design,   2.Statistics Medicine and Pharmacy
E-mail: tchsieh@mail.tcu.edu.tw, tchsieh@gms.tcu.edu.tw
TEL:886-3-856-5301 ext.2015
Mmchangeng-Ya Chang, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D., Molecular and Cell Biology,   University of Edinbrugh, UK.
Research Fields:1. Gene Therapy 2. NanoMedicine
TEL:886-3-856-5301 ext.2014
tcuhchChih-Huang Hung, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., Institute of biomedical engineering,   National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Research Fields: 1. Stem cell biology 2.   Tissue Engineering 3. Biomaterials
TEL:886-3-856-5301 ext.2016


Hung-Jung Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., Department of Life Sciences, NTHU
Research Fields: 1. Molecular biology/biochemistry
2. Cancer epigenetics and metabolism 3. Pathogen infection and host response 4. RNA biology
E-mail: hjwang@mail.tcu.edu.tw
TEL:886-3-856-5301 ext.2020